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Social Media Account Maintenance

If your company does not have the requisite in-house Social Media knowledge, resources, or time; or, if you simply prefer to focus your resources on your core mission, REH Media can execute your strategic and tactical Social Media plans for you.

REH Media’s trained and experienced staff is ready to execute your daily/weekly Social Media transactional activity. We identify your audience and engage with them on your behalf, as your voice in the Social Media world. This happens on a channel by channel level, posting relevant and topical comments, insights, and/or pictures. The intent is to build and grow an engaged following in support of your brand and mission.

Based on your company’s or organization’s size and following, REH Media coordinates with you to develop an appropriately sized tactical plan to engage and interact with your audience, in support of your brand, mission and objectives.

*Social Media Account Maintenance plans start at 1 hour per week

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