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Being Engaged On Social Media Begins With A Like

Being Engaged on Social Media Begins With a Like

As a business what do you think it means to be “engaged” on Social Media?

I believe that the foundation of engagement practices begins with a simple Like. 

When followers of your Social Media account post something to your Facebook wall or Twitter account they would like to know they are being heard. By hitting that Like icon, (or heart icon) you are letting the person or business know that you saw what they posted / commented to you and are acknowledging it. 

Taking it a step further you can make a Comment/Reply! *gasp* 

Yep, you are going to have to put yourself out there and think of something to say. If it’s an inquiry, answer the question. If it’s a complaint, reply to them via a Private Message. If it’s a compliment, you can simply say Thank You, or expand on it if you have time. Remember…the person has taken time out of their day to write the Comment, you should take the time to reply.

The most engaged step is to Share the post! *whoa*

Keep in mind that your Social Media channel walls/Home pages are valuable online real estate. You are not going to want to share every good post from a visitor. It’s OK to be very selective. The highest compliment and recognition you can give to someone is a Share of their post &/or picture. This may even be a post you found on another account. 

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