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Bueller…Bueller…Bring Ferris Bueller Back!

I think most of us can agree…Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is a classic, and timeless.  We enjoyed it as teens and young adults, and even now in our *cough cough* mature years.  Even after seeing it countless times we still laugh at the punch lines, even though we know what they are.  We mimic some of the moves, use the one-liners that have become so famous, and often dream we could be so daring to do some of the things Ferris did that day.

Honda brought all of the joy of Ferris Bueller back in it’s Super Bowl commercial this year – Mathew Broderick as Ferris once again!  In the opening teaser many of us were instantly excited, thinking it was a teaser for a sequel!  Sadly, it was not.  But…..that didn’t stop us from starting a Facebook Fan page trying to get a sequel in the works.  Join the movement – Bring Bueller Back!


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