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Business Cards – Still Necessary?

Business Cards – Still Necessary?

Business Cards – still necessary?

Most of us would consider it a no brainer for a professional to have business cards. It is a quick, easy way to personally give someone your contact information and market your company.

Yes, we have wonderful technology in our cell phones and mobile devices, but let’s think about the scenarios where just handing over a business card would be easier:

  • Chance encounter with someone in a short window of time
  • Noisy public place
  • Your name is hard to spell
  • Your name is very common, and many of “you” would come back in a search on LinkedIn
  • Networking events
  • Free lunch drawings at restaurants (be honest, you’ve entered if you have a biz card)
  • Multiple connection opportunities listed: email, phone, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

More great reasons for using business cards:

  • Low cost
  • Drop-in for drawings
  • Utilize both sides for info &/or links
  • Leave a little space for adding notes
  • Tangible
  • Easy reference
  • Add a QR code

Yes, in today’s technological age, it is easy to overlook this “old-school” marketing techniques, but we recommend you don’t.


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