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LinkedIn Users

What Kind of LinkedIn User Are You?

What kind of LinkedIn user are you?


“I opened up an account but haven’t completed my profile, and don’t visit the site.”

The only thing worse than not having a LinkedIn account if you’re a professional, is to have a dormant one. If people see a dormant account they may think that is how you feel about your career or your business.


“I appreciate the LinkedIn platform, and respect the ways of using it properly. I try to only post important items; Like and comment on posts I find interesting, or are supportive of a colleague or business; and realize the potential to make important connections.” Bravo!

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LinkedIn Banner

LinkedIn Adds Banner Customization

This morning I saw that LinkedIn is now giving customization and branding options for your background banner at the top of your Profile page.  This is a change that was bound to come, following what many of the other Social Media sites have already been doing.  Nice to see LinkedIn offering this feature!

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Are You the Real Deal?

"There are a lot of people out there that line dance, wear a big hat and lead a cowboy lifestyle, but this dude is the real thing." Admit it, at one point or another in your personal or professional life…

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Week in Review: Mar 21-27

March 22 New - Social Networking Consultation by the Social Networking Nanny $50. Consultation of your current Social Networking setup and strategies. Includes tips and suggestions to make your Social Networking more effective and efficient, while also providing overall appearance…

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February in review – Social Networking

February updates, originally posted to my Facebook Fan page Feb 2... 10 Tips For Content Marketing Success 1. Ensure all content passes the “So what?” test 2. Create remarkable content, take chances, stand out 3. Speed and agility are factors…

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