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Social Networking Done Right – Macy’s

Recently our daughter had a quality issue with an item we purchased at Macy's.  We have purchased this brand many times before, and never had an issue.  In fact this was one of the top brands we looked for when…

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Social Networking For a Cause: Minnesota Vikings

All of us regular users of the Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter have seen organizations network for a cause.  This last week it got close to home with the newly elected Shakopee Mayor proposing that the new Minnesota Vikings…

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Are You the Real Deal?

"There are a lot of people out there that line dance, wear a big hat and lead a cowboy lifestyle, but this dude is the real thing." Admit it, at one point or another in your personal or professional life…

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Remembering 9/11/01 – Where Were You

Probably every one of us remembers exactly where we were when the first Twin Tower was hit. I was at home, having already sent our son off to school on the bus for 5th grade. As normal I had the…

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Yoplait Yogurt – Doing Social Networking Right!

Yoplait Yogurt After an honest tweet about how much I love my Yoplait Yogurt, the company contacted me, thanking me and asking for my address. I received a great t-shirt from them :-) Yoplait is doing Social Networking right!…

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