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Facebook Sweepstakes experiment – Update 1

I signed up with Wild Fire Apps & created a Sweepstakes drawing. The process was ok, but can be confusing, which leads to frustration. After finishing I was told that I would need approval from FB (which I knew)...but later…

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Twitter lists – Beta…what do you think?

Have you seen the new Beta Twitter Lists? I just got the pop-up this afternoon, and I think it could be really good...especially if you are not a user of Seesmic or TweetDeck. Suggestion: First create the various list categories…

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Facebook changes – let’s chat

What do you think of the recent Facebook changes? I think it caught many of us off did me.  I first saw it in the wee hours of the morning, pre java.  I really don't like changes so early…

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Twitter – it’s not always about sales

Recently a client of mine from Twitter had an issue with a Dell computer purchase.  She happened to Twitter about it, and her frustrations around the situation.  Shortly after she was hooked up with an employee of Dell.  This employee…

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