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Difference Between a Facebook Profile and a Facebook Page

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Do you have a question about using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn?  Let me know!  No question is too small…we all started at the beginning, just like you.  How do I add Friends?  How do I use Facebook as my Page?  Is there any way to slow Twitter down?  How do I connect with people on LinkedIn?  Can Pinterest be used by businesses?

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 Q: What is the difference between a Facebook Profile and a Facebook Page?

A Facebook Profile is your Personal Profile (sometimes referred to as your Personal Page).  It is customarily your personal name, with the Information area including selective personal items about you.  You can list employment, family members, schooling and more. A Profile connects with others on Facebook that are your Friends.

A Facebook Page is for businesses, organizations, and brands.  It is used in relationship to the business’s website, marketing and branding.  Once referred to as Fan Pages, people now ‘Like’ business pages.  Many Business Pages still refer to their page as a Fan Page, and the people who like it as Fans.

Facebook does have a rule that businesses are not to use a Facebook Profile as a business page.  But, as with many rules in businesses there is an exception. Facebook can allow certain Profiles/Pages to act as both.  You will normally see this with celebrities or someone in an industry with a very high number of Fans & Friends.  In these incidences the person is the brand.

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