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Facebook – 10 Recommended Changes for Personal and Business Pages

Facebook has come a long way, with many of the changes being very good.  However, there are some things that still need to be changed, to be an ultimate user-friendly site.  Many of them are about creating options for users, both for Personal Profiles &/or Business Pages.  These are in no particular order of preference.

  1. Notification when a Fan posts or replies on a Business Page
  2. Alphabetize &/or search Fans/Likers of the Business Page
  3. Business Page owners/Admins given option to post with their personal ID on their Business Page.
  4. Change categories with their Business Page profile
  5. Add categories to Business Page profile – listed in multiple categories.
  6. Separate logos for the Business Page avatar vs the box picture next to posts.
  7. ‘Unsubscribe’ option – bring it back
  8. FB ‘Like’ Badge on outside websites – option of posting the story to a Business Page instead of only the Personal Profile.
  9. ‘Unlink’ specific Business Page posts from auto-tweeting.
  10. “Fan Friendly” tag for Fan posts put into the Spam Filter, so they won’t continually be placed there after posts previously ok’d
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