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Facebook Changes & Your Ticker Privacy: Check Your Privacy Settings

With the recent changes rolled out to everyone by Facebook, and the even more recent changes announced at the f8, many people are concerned about their privacy on Facebook, especially on the new Facebook Ticker.  Yes, it’s an ongoing concern on all Social Networking sites, but let’s take a breath, step back, and talk about it.

From Facebook Q&A:
Q:Am I seeing posts in ticker that I don’t have permission to see?
A: No. Commenting or liking a post doesn’t change its privacy settings. If you can’t see a post because of its privacy settings, it won’t show up to you anywhere on Facebook, including in your News Feed or in your ticker.

Action items to check your Privacy settings:

*When you do a status update, look at the drop-down box next to the ‘Share’ button – if it says Public, change it if you don’t want the Public seeing it.

Select ‘Update Status’ – look in menu next to ‘Post’ to see who will see it.

Open the drop-down menu if you want to select a change to who sees it.


*You can make a Custom change to this in your Privacy Settings. Exa: set to Friends and not Friends of Friends.  If you need more step-by-step directions, see below.

To check &/or change your Privacy Settings:

From your drop-down menu next to ‘Home’ button, select ‘Privacy Settings’

Customizing your Facebook Privacy settings

Open the drop-down menu if you want to select a different list to make things Visible

And finally, check how you Connect with people you know.  In the Privacy Settings area click on ‘Edit Settings’ next to ‘How You Connect’

From the drop-down menu select your preference.




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