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Facebook is the Internet break room

If you are already on Facebook, what do you like best about it…the personal aspect or the professional?

Many people started on Facebook for the personal side.  It’s a fantastic tool to keep in touch with family and friends, and to find many you’ve lost contact with over the years.  You share stories, photos and daily life “stuff”. 

Businesses need to be on Facebook as well, with a Fan page.  A Fan page is another way to keep in touch with your customers, build a bigger customer base and ensure your brand…your business.  Create discussions around a product or service, share pictures of new products, gather customer feedback, and more. 

I look at Facebook as the Internet break room.  When people go to Facebook in the course of their day, they are often spending a little more time looking thru the posts, and browsing updates.  If they are a Fan of your page they will see any updates you have made.  It doesn’t all have to be business…you control what you post, and what your topic is.  Knowing your customers, and engaging them in dialogue is an important part of business.  It builds comfort and trust.

You can also do paid advertising for your Fan page and your website.  You control the target audience that sees the ads, and the amount of pay-per-click and daily limit. 

To see an example, here is the Nanny’s fan page…take a look and become a fan – Social Networking Nanny

I’d love to chat more with you about starting a Facebook Fan page.  Contact me and let’s get you started!

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  1. Great observation re facebook.I also think the fan page gives you the opp to target peeps who want info from you! You don’t have to worry about overdoing it, your fans expect to receive posts from you.Also, you can do fun contests,events, and offers marketed towards your fans!

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