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Facebook Sweepstakes experiment – Update 1

I signed up with Wild Fire Apps & created a Sweepstakes drawing. The
process was ok, but can be confusing, which leads to frustration. After
finishing I was told that I would need approval from FB (which I knew)…but
later on in a Live Chat the rep told me “No, we found a workaround.” I added the
tab to my website, and peeps can sign up.

The biggest issue I have is WHY
is Facebook making me pay a 3rd party application to do this when they (Facebook
or Wild Fire) don’t even promote it for me?! All Wild Fire does is provide the
application I need to design for my contest. Depending upon the levels, this is
not cheap. I chose the basic plan, which for 28 days costs me $32.00.

decided to get the most for my money, and am also advertising this on my Twitter

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