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Facebook Sweepstakes experiment – Update 2

It has been about 1 1/2 weeks since I signed up for the Facebook application from Wild Fire for my latest drawing on my retail site Old World Limited. I posted the contest link to my websites Facebook Fan Page & multiple Twitter accounts I have.  I found that during the first week I had a surge of entries on Sunday. 

I haven’t posted the link for approximately 5 days, but the entry numbers are continuing to rise.  We are nearing 100 entries! 

The site gives you the list of entries, and you can put them in order alphabetically or by date entered.  These options are fine, but I would like to gather additional information.  One thing I wish I could check in bulk is eligibility.  This is something I would like to see prior to selecting a winner.  The other information I would like to gather is where each entrant came from.  This information is included if you click on the entrant’s name, but again…I wish there was a way to get this in bulk, and not have to go into each entry.  Perhaps I haven’t found it yet, but needing to search for it is not good. 

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