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Increasing Fans on Your Facebook Page

Increasing fans on a Facebook page can often be one of the most challenging for Admins.  First and foremost, as with most things in a small business, it is important to remember “it takes time”.   I’m a firm believer in quality over quantity, but having said that I also appreciate a large, captive audience.  There are three main ways to increase you Fan base.

1) Invite friends

The easiest way to try and build your Fan base is to ask your friends to ‘Like’ your Fan page.  Under the ‘Build Audience’ tab in your Admin area you can select Invite Email Contacts, Invite Friends, or Share Page.  You can do all three, but the one I prefer is Invite Friends.  This option will show you your entire Friend’s List on Facebook, and from there you choose whom you want to invite.  Do not worry if you don’t think your Friend will never buy from you, the point is for them to show you support by becoming a Fan.

2) Contest

A fun way to try and increase Fan base is to have a contest.  Keep in mind that if you Base your contest on Facebook, you much use a pre-approved 3rd party app, and follow Facebook rules regarding Contests & Promotions.  However, if you Base your contest on your website, blog or email, you can talk and promote it on your Facebook Page, without using a 3rd party app.  Again, be sure to review the Facebook rules.

3) Facebook Ad

Ads are fairly easy to set up  Make your Ad inviting, not pitchy.  You also need to assess what types of Fans you want, and what are they looking for?  Do they want contests, discounts or promotions, information on your products or services, or general interaction? You may have to tweak the demographics the first week or two, but eventually you will find the right mix.  And no, buying a Facebook Ad is not “cheating” to get Fans.  It is not the same as buying a list of Followers on Twitter…which I never recommend!  Nobody forces someone on Facebook to click on your Ad, or to Like your page.  They choose to be there  🙂


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