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REH Media - Marketing Strategies & Services


REH Media helps businesses and non-profits connect with their customers and community through a well mixed blend of marketing activities. Founded on the premise that Real Engagement Happens, REH Media partners with our clients to connect their customers and community, building and maintaining a more loyal and engaged following.

REH Media Capabilities Assessment

Marketing / Social Media Consultant

REH Media reviews your current strategies and tactics, and then provides an action plan to help you improve your current state; or, we can implement the action plan on your behalf.

As with any journey, to go somewhere, you first have to know where you are. Therefore, we review your current state, as well as your broader marketing objectives, to determine the requisite action steps to achieve your goals.

While every company’s situation is unique, a consulting approach is an affordable way to have an objective third-party, experienced Marketing expert, review your Marketing activities, audiences and engagement on each Social Media channel &  and give you honest feedback and recommendations.

REH Media Strategy Development

Marketing / Social Media Strategy Development

Beyond the basics, what are your Marketing goals? Let REH Media review your objectives and capabilities, and then develop and deliver an appropriate strategic plan.

Strategy Development begins with a Current Capabilities Assessment; a complete understanding of your current Marketing activities, analytics, audiences, etc. We then review your goals and where your Marketing plan needs help to achieve them. An analysis of your capabilities and objectives is used to develop a strategic plan, an action list of Social Media tactics in support of achieving your company’s objectives.

The Strategic Plan will also include a Gap assessment, identifying any potential resource or knowledge gaps that exist in your current capabilities, yet which are required to achieve your strategic goals. REH Media will also provide a quote to augment your capabilities, or to execute the entire Marketing Plan, or any component thereof.

REH Media Account Setup

Social Media Account Setup

Is your business new, or new to Social Media? REH Media can get you setup across all of the Social Media channels, including: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, You Tube, and TikTok.

REH Media will discuss your objectives, which channels are relevant, and then setup each channel accordingly. This includes a design to match your current logo, colors and general marketing, which enhances your brand. Included in the offering are 1 month of ads on specific channels to help build your Fan base with people pertinent to your business.

REH Media Account Maintenance

Social Media Account Maintenance

If your company does not have the requisite in-house Social Media knowledge, resources, or time; or, if you simply prefer to focus your resources on your core mission, REH Media can execute your strategic and tactical Social Media plans for you.

REH Media’s trained and experienced staff is ready to execute your daily/weekly Social Media transactional activity. We identify your audience and engage with them on your behalf, as your voice in the Social Media world. This happens on a channel by channel level, posting relevant and topical comments, insights, and/or pictures. The intent is to build and grow an engaged following in support of your brand and mission.

Based on your company’s or organization’s size and following, REH Media coordinates with you to develop an appropriately sized tactical plan to engage and interact with your audience, in support of your brand, mission and objectives.

  • Social Media Account Maintenance plans can be as simple as 1 hour per week, ranging to comprehensive complex plans of 40 hours per week.
REH Social MediaTraining

Social Media Training

If your company has in-house Social Media resources and time, but not the requisite knowledge, REH Media can train your team.

REH Media brings 15 years of focused experience to the table, so allow us to bring your team up to speed. Whether you are focused on a specific channel (e.g. Facebook) or looking for a broader session for Social Media in general, REH Media will develop a training plan based on your needs. Training can be one-on-one, or larger group session, virtual or in-person.

Let’s get started! Contact us today!

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