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Pretending to be an employee of a company is wrong…Thank you Google Alert!

Today I learned I have 2 employees…interesting…as I have no employees!  I discovered this thru an alert I have set up on Google Alerts.  I received an Alert on my Social Networking Nanny ID, and followed the link to LinkedIn.

Sure enough, two ladies (if you want to call them that) have linked to my business page that they are Nannys at Social Networking Nanny.  I cannot begin to tell you how wrong this is…ethically, morally, etc.  A request has been sent to LinkedIn to have them removed from my page. 

I will eventually be hiring employees, and you can be sure these two will not even be considered…if in fact they themselves actually exist.

My suggestion to you…set up Google Alerts on your name, business name(s), and any other pertinent words that are highly connected to you…you never know what comes up

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  1. Excellent article and advice! Something I definitely wouldn’t have thought of and I will keep this in mind for the future. I love your website and the service you’re offering to people.


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