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Remembering 9/11/01 – Where Were You

Probably every one of us remembers exactly where we were when the first Twin Tower was hit.

I was at home, having already sent our son off to school on the bus for 5th grade. As normal I had the television on to our local news, when the breaking news of the first Twin Towers had been struck by an airplane. Like many, I assumed it was a tragic air accident…something must have gone terribly wrong with the flight.

While I was curious to learn what had happened, I continued getting our 9 year old twin daughters ready for school. We got to the bus stop early as usual, and I was anxious to chat with the other Moms about what had happened in New York. Everyone was sad about it, and we discussed what might have happened. Then another Mom got to the stop and said the second tower had been hit, in the same manner…with a plane. Silence. Chills. We saw the bus coming down the street. Do we still send the children to school? What is going on in New York? Collectively we sent them on the bus.

My husband and I talked multiple times on the phone. Should he come home? Were we in danger here in Minnesota? Eventually the company sent everyone home early that day.

Then I sat in front of the television for the rest of the day…in disbelief of what I was watching as the Twin Towers came down. And also the news of the Pentagon and the fourth plane which came down in PA.

The skies became silent except for the occasional roar of a fighter jet. More silence, more chills. We mourned with many as we learned the numbers of those who perished, and their identities and life’s stories. We have never forgotten the day, and we never will.

Fast-forward 10 years (minus a day): my husband, son and I drove to the college our twins attend. In front of the chapel now sit 2 small sections of the I-beams from the Twin Towers. Reality and history at our fingertips. They are bent and a bit rusted…but the story is still strong without words being needed.

Thanks to my friend Anita for this summary: “Today on 9/11 a moment of silence is needed because we have to remember and pay tribute to all of those who died, and to thank all of those who did everything possible to save as many people as they could. We shed tears and we came together strong and determined never to allow this to happen again. We can never forget September 11 2001 because our world and our lives were changed forever, God Bless the USA.”

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