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Social Networking Done Right – Macy’s

Recently our daughter had a quality issue with an item we purchased at Macy’s.  We have purchased this brand many times before, and never had an issue.  In fact this was one of the top brands we looked for when she said she needed new winter boots.

Fast-forward a few months and she starts using them at college.  Not long after daily use she discovered the quality flaw and contacts me.  She had already taken some interim steps to do a short-term fix of the issues, but knew it wouldn’t last for long, and was actually still quite bothersome.

I immediately Googled the brand / manufacturing company for the boots, and found a Contact Us page.  I filled it out.  No reply.  Two weeks later I filled it out again.  No reply.  I could find no phone number or mailing address on the Internet for them.  This rarely every happens, so now I had to direct my thinking elsewhere.

On Twitter I politely asked @Macys if they stand behind brands they sell, and said I had a surprising quality issue with a well liked brand item.  I also knew these were no longer available in the store for a replacement, & would have to shop for a different replacement. Within an hour I received a reply with an email address to explain further.  That email was responded to very quickly, and I was put in touch with a Correspondence Specialist from their Social Media Assist department.  He was quick in all of his email replies, and the conversation was pleasant on both ends.

He understood my frustration, and understood the entire situation of logistics, timing, replacement needed, etc.  He offered to refund my purchase price, and even rounded it up a bit.  I received a Gift Card in the mail today…just as promised.

This is a perfect example of great reaction, and perfect follow-thru by a company!  Kudos to Macy’s Social Media department!


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