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Social Networking ‘Expert’ vs Strategist, Specialist, Manager, Aficionado, and my favorite – Nanny

Almost daily you can find someone Twittering about being a Social Media ‘Expert’.  What defines them as being an expert?

When I think of somebody being an expert I perceive them as knowing everything there is to know on the topic.  There are very few people I would even consider an expert, in any profession.  Let’s think about it…what large corporations do you have a business area which includes the word ‘expert’ in the title?  My husband has been in the food industry for over 25 years.  Does that make him an expert?  I’m sure he’d love to have that in his title, but for now he’ll have to stick with General Director I would like to think my Dr’s are experts in their specific fields, but lets face it…they are “practicing” medicine, and constantly learning new and innovative ways to treat their patients.

I get turned off by those calling themselves ‘experts’.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for self gratification when it’s earned, but you need to do it with dignity.  We all have things to learn, and I’d rather work with my customers than to make them feel like I know it all and they no nothing.  I want to help, support, nurture, and guide them into social networking.  They shouldn’t be afraid of it.

The rules and plays of social networking / social media are constantly changing and evolving.  Just with Twitter and Facebook alone there are always new applications, sometimes daily.  Sometimes it’s challenging to keep up with it all, but I enjoy it, and am very passionate about it.  Maybe I should have called myself the Social Networking Passionista or the Social Networking Challenger?  Nah…I’ll stick with Social Networking Nanny

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