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Social Networking Nanny Twitterview – Interview on Twitter



Q – #1   So @SocialNetNanny, what bring you to MN – Born here?
Moved here? Started college here?

A:   Moved to MN when I was
a toddler, moved away for 13 years when married, been back for 10. True
Minnesotan at heart


Q – #2   Great. So with a
Twitter handle of @SocialNetNanny, what is it that you do for work?

W/a passion 4 Social Networking, I help people w/business to utilize
SN…often posting or tweeting for their biz.


Q – #3
So is it coaching them, or more of taking on clients and doing Social
Media for them?

A:   I tailor the needs to each client. Some
enjoy learning, others don’t have desire or time 4 Social Networking.

Some previous clients hire me if they have large projects that take
them away for 1-2 weeks from normal work schedules.


Q –
#4   Okay. So then are there certain fields of biz that you target with
your service?

A:   Most people find me by recommendation of
past clients…or they see me here on Twitter & inquire (part 1
of 2)

Background is online retail, so experience w/my retail site
is helpful.(part 2 of 2)


Q – #5   Great to get that
experience! So being in the SM field, where do you see it going in the
next few years?

A: ?????

Want to see the answer to Question #5, and the rest of my Twitterview – go to Joel’s page where the complete Twitterview is located.

Social Networking Nanny Twitterview

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