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The Nanny Nine: Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki

Remember in the last Nanny Nine, how I said it was often interesting how I met people.¬† This is another one of those examples.¬† It was April 15 2013, the day of the tragic Boston Marathon bombing.¬† Tension was high and rampant on the Social Media sites, especially Facebook and Twitter.¬† Along with that were the range of opinions by Social Media Specialists, on if/when/how often a Brand should be posting anything.¬† I have my own opinions on this, and most of the time I chose to remain silent in the back-and-forth commentary about it.¬† But that night was different. It felt like there was a higher than normal number of posts and comments about Brands ‘Social Media etiquette’¬† following a tragedy.¬† I responded to one of Guy’s tweets, in which he was responding to someone who was lashing out at him.¬† My response was in agreement to the other person.¬† After tweeting I felt that gut instinct of “that was not professional”.

In less than an hour I got the shock of my life!  Guy Kawasaki sent me a Direct Message, asking what was wrong with what he was doing.  What followed was

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The Nanny Nine: Standard Heating & Air Conditioning

Standard Heating & Air Conditioning

One of the things I love about my business, and the Social Networking I do, is the people and companies I have the privilege of meeting. ¬†Sometimes it’s even how I meet them that makes the story even more fascinating.¬† For example, how I met Santiago Strasser (@santistrasser), Marketing Manager for Standard Heating & Air Conditioning.

We were finally heading into some warmer Spring weather a few weeks ago, and decided to turn the AC on in our house.¬† We noticed after a few hours that something wasn’t right, and after an inspection by a different heating and air company, it was determined our AC needed repair or replacement. ¬†Due diligence was done, and appointments were set, to accommodate my husband and myself both being here. ¬†This worked into the schedules for two companies, but not the third, Standard Heating and Air Conditioning. ¬†The morning of the other two appointments I did an early Tweet simply stating how “bummed I was that @StandardHeating could not get out before the next week.” ¬†The weather people were now predicting 90’s that following week.

A couple of hours later, I had a first happen to me with regard to Social Networking…

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