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Keep Your Social Media Badges Above the Fold

As I was researching items for a new client, I was getting quite frustrated at how many organizations have their Social Media icons “below the fold”, and at the bottom of their main website pages.  Some don’t have them on their landing page at all, but on another page.  Almost all of these situations make it seem like the business is saying “We know we have to have these on here, but they really aren’t that important.”

On the contrary, I think they are very important to not only be (at minimal) on the main page, but they also need to be “above the fold”, and easily found.

It was very frustrating, as well as time consuming to scroll down, down, down to find some of them.  Or I had to go thru other pages on their site to try and find them.  Remember…frustration leads to EXITS!

My suggestions for Social Media icons/badges:

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