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The Evolution Of Social Networking Nanny To REH Media

The Evolution of Social Networking Nanny to REH Media

The Evolution of Social Networking Nanny to REH Media

Why the change? Why now?

Let’s begin with the story of how Social Networking Nanny came to be.

When I started Social Networking Nanny it felt like there was a lot of buzz around Social Media, mainly of men, and by men. The turning point for me came when I attended a Social Media seminar. The small room was packed with approximately 200 people, all of us eager to learn more about Social Media, and what the lineup of speakers had to share. While I already felt I knew a great deal I knew there is always more to be learned, and learning even one new nugget would be worth my time.

Speaker after speaker presented, and while I had my notepad and pen ready I wrote nothing down. I began to notice two things. One was that none of the speakers were teaching me anything, they were pushing their own agenda, one by one, on how successful they were on Social Media & “you can be too if you hire me” kind of vibe. The other thing I noticed is none of the speakers were women. In fact, the only women I saw that day that were part of the program were the ones handing out the door prizes.

When I left that day I asked myself “What did I learn today?” The answer…nothing about Social Media itself. But it did give me the drive to do something different, and make a difference with the use of Social Media.

The problem I knew I would face is making my business stand out. Knowing that I wanted to actually teach business owners how to do Social Media was part of it. Another factor was knowing that as businesses grew they would probably someday take over their own Social Media channels. I equated this to a child care nanny. A nanny goes into people’s homes, helping with the children, often advising parents (based on their other experiences), and then as the children grow they move on to another home.

And so, Social Networking Nanny was born! I’ve always had a fun side to me, so the creation of the Social Networking Nanny character was another way of attracting attention visually, and helping my brand stand out. It worked! After a local television interview I reached bigger, and got recognition on a national television news show.

Fast forward ten years.

Our basic principles are still the same. We still help businesses with their Social Media, but have really expanded far beyond the basics, including the size of businesses we do work for. Based on our years of working with clients, outstanding testimonials, and our continually expanding knowledge of Social Media and things related, we no longer feel the need to be kitschy with a cute name and logo. We have matured, along with our business. We also wanted a new business name that showcased our core belief that hasn’t changed – businesses need to ENGAGE with their Social Media followers!

In my heart I will always be the Social Networking Nanny, but I am also thrilled with our new name, design and mission to help businesses get “social”!

Contact us today and let us show you how Real Engagement Happens!

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