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The Nanny Nine: Doug Stephans Good Day USA

Thanks to Rich McFadden for answering The Nanny Nine!  Rich is the Director of Operations and Programming on The Radio America Network, and Co Host of the Doug Stephans Good Day USA (on 300 stations).

1. How long have you been using Social Networking for your company?




In radio our business IS social networking basically. We have always been about connecting with our customers and letting them express their opinions on the issues of the day. So when MySpace, Facebook and then Twitter popped onto the scene it was a natural fit for us. We first started on MySpace in 2006 and the video chat site Paltalk around the
same time. We quickly found out that MySpace wasn’t really our demo and switched to Facebook after almost a year. Paltalk was a good place for us in that it allowed us to feed our audio stream along with video of the studio to not only our existing audience but to new listeners as well. We have recently converted over to Ustream.
2. Is your business using Facebook &/or Twitter?

Yes. lol. We use both Facebook and Twitter for different reasons.


3. Facebook vs Twitter – do you like one better? If yes, why?

Facebook is great for deep engagement. We can really get into a long conversation with great feedback from listeners and Facebook friends alike. Twitter is really good for reaching a larger number of people with quick info and also some quick engagement. If we are talking about an issue or story and want a quick opinion on it we will throw it out on Twitter and get responses within a minute. Facebook turns into an all day conversation which is fun too.

4. Do you post daily?

Yes … several times. With Facebook I usually like to post once during our morning show to compliment the on air conversation and then will post at least one but maybe two more that day. Twitter is more a stream of consciousness … as I have thoughts and questions I will post throughout the day. Since Twitter moves quickly you need to have more
posts to be seen than on Facebook. I like to think of Twitter as a bumper sticker on a moving car on the highway and Facebook as a parked car at the grocery store. You know someone is going to see it when they walk out.

5. What is your favorite thing about Social Networking?

Social networking gives our radio shows the ability to engage our listeners outside of the 3 or 4 hour window of our radio show. Before Facebook and Twitter when our show was over our connection with the listener was too. Now I can engage them anytime, any day. I love it!

6. What do you think is the biggest benefit of Social Networking?

The ability for our listeners (customers) to know us and our business better. Making it a personal connection more than a business connection. In radio we are always the mysterious voice in the speaker … now we are “your friend”



7. How do you measure Social Networking, & explain: Again … for us it’s all personal.

ROR – Return on Relationship
ROE – Return on Engagement
ROL – Return on Loyalty


8. What is the best moment you’ve had on a Social Networking site?

The first time you have a link go viral it’s really exciting. In our case one of our podcasts got picked up by a few big sites and BOOM it was off and running. We got close to 100k downloads for one file and it was fun to watch the fallout from that for the next week or so in page views and future downloads.


9. What is your best piece of advice to other businesses about Social Networking? 

Do it yourself! Don’t have an intern do it for you. If they do … make sure they rep the company .. not you! You are you and nobody can copy that … even in a 140 character Tweet! ALSO … ENGAGE your “friends” or “audience” Don’t talk AT THEM talk TO THEM. Listen as much as you speak. That builds relationships which will serve you and your company well for a long time!
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