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Twitter is not a ‘Build it and they will come’ scenario

I don’t often beg and plead, but today I am reminding you…do NOT ignore your Twitter accounts!  I know many businesses have set up business Twitter ID’s when they set up their Fan pages on Facebook.  Then they used the handy-dandy tool that auto-tweets all Fan page posts to Twitter.  Yep, I agree…that’s cool and time saving.

However, unless you are a Fortune 500 company, or a widely known actor…it is not going to be a Field of Dreams scenario of ‘Build it and they will come.’

Twitter is a two-way communication tool, just as many other Social Networking tools are.  If you don’t have the time to be on Twitter every day, at least sign in once a week and check for new followers, new DM’s (that aren’t Spam), and new comments directly written to you.  Nothing can turn a potential client off faster than asking a question on Twitter, and getting no response.  Believe it or not, many people who use Twitter are not active users on Facebook

I highly suggest that when you are on Twitter, join in some chatter, or drop in some non-business chat that others might find interesting.  Show that you’re human, and not a bot only there to advertise do no Social Networking.

Who knows……you may end up liking it

Social Networking Nanny
Twitter ~ SocialNetNanny

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  1. Just a couple of years ago, Lanae, I never would have thought I’d hear myself say this but …
    Twitter is my all time favorite social media site.
    Your post offers good insight and good advice to Twitter users.

    Put magic and meaning in your day!

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