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Twitter – it’s not always about sales

Recently a client of mine from Twitter had an issue with a Dell computer purchase.  She happened to Twitter about it, and her frustrations around the situation.  Shortly after she was hooked up with an employee of Dell.  This employee got my client connected with the proper department at Dell.  After more than a week of getting the runaround, with only a little advancement, I suggested she recontact the Twitter Dell person.  She did, and within a matter of hours the entire issue was resolved

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  1. It’s great that your client got her Dell issue resolved. Computer problems can be a real mystery and quite frustrating.
    However, most social networking experts and coaches advise not airing complaints this way. I know it might sound strange, but others may view your client as a chronic complainer or generally someone with a negative attitude. In other words, a trouble maker.
    Twitter followers can be brutal!

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