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What is a Hashtag on Twitter?

What does a Hashtag on Twitter look like & what do I use it for?

A Hashtag is any word that has the # symbol directly in front of it, no spaces – ie #Shakopee

A Hashtag has multiple uses:

*Keyword.: Many times people use a word of importance in their post, that many others will identify with, like a keyword.

*Organizer: It there is a hot topic being discussed and you want to keep up with the Tweets, but cannot follow along in the normal timeline, use a Hashtag associated with the discussion for search results that are more targeted.

*Hot links: Anytime you create a Hashtag, it becomes a hot link, meaning it becomes clickable.  The results of the click will immediately give you the search results of that Hashtag.  At the top of the results you can chose if you want to see the Top results, or All.

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